Upcoming Workshops

Restorative for Anxiety with Christine Kramer

Friday July 26th 6:30pm-8:30pm


Anxiety can usually be traced back to our thoughts focusing too much on the future and having a hard time staying present. Anxiety in the body can lead to a racing heart, tightened muscles, sweating, or inflexible muscles. Restorative Yoga gives you an opportunity to soften the body, slow down the heart, and develop the ability to check in with the thought patterns and gain control over them. 

This workshop consists of a discussion on holistic tools to help reduce anxiety, a restorative yoga practice, and the use of essential oils. 

 Benefits of Restorative Yoga:
• Relieves sciatica, stress & headaches
• Supports the body in healing and disease prevention
• Provides relief from numerous ailments
• Creates mindfulness of the body/mind & an overall improved well-being

$40 (Non-Refundable)

Christine Kramer is an RYT 500 Yoga Instructor & an Integrative Women's Health Coach. She is passionate about guiding people into finding balance and healing in all areas of their lives.

Girls with Grit with Katie Tessin and Susie Hiley

July 15th-19th 9am-11:15am


Lighthouse Yoga is hosting a camp this summer exclusively for girls (or any humans who identify as girls!). Camp leaders Katie and Susie have created an experience designed to reconnect our girls with how to live in our world as self-aware, empowered, and compassionate young people.

Academics, athletics, arts, activities - our girls are growing up with a multitude of opportunities vying for their time and attention pulling them away from their present moment experience and from remembering who they truly are. This camp intentionally creates space and experiences for girls to slow down, quiet their minds, and peer inward to reconnect with their true selves as they increase self-awareness, develop strategies for navigating conflict with strength and compassion, and learn how to bounce back from setbacks.

In a safe and nurturing space, girls will explore topics including personal strengths, healthy friendships, stress/overwhelm, anxiety, gender stereotypes, and standing up for what is right with a clear and compassionate voice and explore potentially life-changing practices such as mindfulness, yoga, gratitude, and journaling into their daily lives.

“Girls With Grit” is for students entering grades 4nd-6th in the fall, and will be led by Susie Hiley (certified educator and RYT-200) and Katie Tessin (school counselor, PLMHP and RYT-200.) Camp will run from Monday, July 15th, through Friday, July 19th, 9- 11am.

Teacher Bios

Katie Tessin, M.S., PLMHP, RYT-200 Katie Tessin is enthusiastic about teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth; to provide them with the skills to develop an awareness of their inner and outer experiences, to recognize their thoughts as just thoughts, and to understand how emotions manifest in their bodies. Having struggled with anxiety throughout her life, Katie would like to empower her students to find peace, happiness, purpose, and love—within themselves. Katie is able to share her passions with students as a school counselor at Brownell Talbot (BT), an independent college preparatory school. She is certified in play therapy and provides therapy services to youth in the community at Play Therapy Omaha. Katie teaches children’s yoga and mindfulness at BT, through the Universal Peace Foundation of North America and Lighthouse Yoga. Previously, Katie was a 2nd grade teacher for Millard Public Schools. Katie earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Peru State College and a Master of Science in Counseling at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Katie completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training at Lighthouse Yoga and has participated in children’s yoga training through Asha yoga school. With her husband and son, Katie loves to travel to Colorado and explore nature. Katie enjoys going for a jog, taking a yoga class, reading a good book or practicing mindfulness. Katie seeks volunteer opportunities which benefit youth, and she has worked with Girl Scouts of Nebraska and Teammates. Along with her son, Katie enjoys volunteering within their school community.

Susie Hiley, M.Ed., RYT-200 Susie Hiley is passionate about creating space for children to grow and learn in authentic, intentional, joyful ways. Through mindfulness, yoga, goal setting and reflection, she guides her students to know and understand themselves physically, emotionally, and socially. Informed by her ongoing personal transformation from human-doing to human-being, Susie learns alongside her students to co-create experiences in which students develop skills necessary to navigate our world with curiosity, compassion, and connection. When not leading camp, Susie teaches mindfulness and yoga to children and is the Program Coordinator for the Nebraska Mindfulness Project at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska. Susie has spent the last 17 years working with children including time as a kindergarten classroom teacher at Brownell Talbot and in Millard Public Schools. Susie earned both a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Education in Elementary Education from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO. She completed the 200-HR yoga teacher training at Lighthouse Yoga and has studied children’s yoga with Asha Yoga School. She is nearing the completion of the year long Mindful Teacher Certification course through Mindful Schools. With her husband and two school aged children, Susie loves to visit Colorado and explore outdoor adventures in the mountains. She also enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, and connecting with friends and family. An avid reader, Susie is passionate about learning and sharing strategies, tools and practices available to live with greater curiosity, connection, and compassion both in personal and professional relationships.

Self Love Healing: An Introduction to Yourself

with Sahara Moon

Saturday July 20th 2pm-5pm


In the fast pace society that we live in, most people have forgotten who they are, what they want, and how to pursue their dreams. Self Love Healing helps you reconnect back to your core and remind you of what you want to create for yourself.

This workshop is An Introduction to Yourself.

We talk about the Body, Mind and Soul connection and how by practicing Self Love we can achieve Self Acceptance. Learn how to balance your inner and outer worlds by using simple tools like Movement and Food and take home ideas to start practicing Self Love and Self Care in your own space. By getting to know yourself, your past, your dreams, and your energy, you open up the door to a life of possibilities.

We finish with a 1h Restorative Yoga Class where the participants will be able to relax and start connecting back to their bodies. They will leave feeling a lot calmer and grounded, with a clearer understanding of what Self Care means to them and the confidence to Start living more Lovingly at home.

Are You Ready to Get to Know Yourself Again?

Dress Comfortably and Bring a Friend.

Space in Limited
Pre-registration suggested

$75 Pre-Registration

$85 At the Door

About Sahara: 

Sahara is a Traveling 500h RYT, a Movement Teacher, a Self Love and Directional Coach, and an Energy Lover. She has been traveling all over the world expanding her knowledge in yoga, energetics and food, and studied under the Macrobiotic Food Therapist Virginia M. Harper for four months, discovering the beauty behind food energetics. Now she is dedicating her life to sharing what she has learned everywhere she goes.

“I See You, I Feel You, I am holding You. This is your time to shine!”

Mythology in Motion with Heather Rama

Saturday November 9th 1:30pm-6:30pm

Sunday November 10th 12pm-5pm


Ever wanted to know what it feels like to leap across an ocean? Or battle a 10 headed demon? Be reunited with the love of your life you never thought you'd see again?

Join Heather Rama, E-RYT 200, RYT 500 on an epic journey into the Ramayana at Mythology in Motion. In this workshop, we'll find a wealth of adventure, archetypal characters, philosophical and ethical dilemmas and lessons that are still applicable today. Heather will guide you through the complex relationships, subtleties and cultural importance of this 2,500 year old tale. Apply this knowledge to your modern day practice, embodying the tale in our asanas. This workshop will include mantra, meditation, and mudra.

PRICE: $250

About Heather:

Allowing people to feel better in their bodies has always been the most important part of teaching yoga for Heather Rama. As an E-RYT 200, RYT 500 in therapeutic yoga, Heather has studied how each individual body can move or be restricted. Her students learn strength, balance and flexibility through focused stretching and relaxation exercises. Guiding her students in and out of the poses in a controlled manner also helps aid in developing stamina, posture awareness and motor control. When not teaching and working on her professional skills, Heather can be found giggling with her two young children and perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Wild Wisdom Retreat in Costa Rica

with Bridget Lavin & Carole Westerman

March 1st- 7th, 2020


Join Bridget Lavin and Carole Westerman March 1st- March 7th 2020 for a week immersion in the sweet jungle sanctuary of Costa Rica. This beautiful offering invites you to practice yoga and meditation on a platform overlooking the ocean every morning. It is a beautiful opportunity to indulge in self-care, nourish your soul, and remember the Wild Wisdom within YOU! 

The retreat can modified to fit your needs! If you are interested in continuing your yoga education there will be an opportunity for 30 HRS of certified Yoga Alliance (YACEP) training hours. This will be $108 extra and will include a few lectures from Carole and Bridget and some handwritten assignments. The focus of the training hours will be "Living the Yoga Sutras". The key text book will be Rolf Gates', Meditations From the Mat. We will be connecting to the wisdom within using the tools of the sutras and wild teachings of the jungle. Our intention is that whether you're a yoga teacher or not, the added training will teach you how to LIVE yoga and take your practice off the mat and into your daily life. 

Whether you choose to opt in for the added hours or not there will still be plenty of time for soulful excursions, connecting in nature, heart warming ceremony, and lots of time for inward reflection to deepen your self study and understanding of yoga.

There will be plenty of free time for you to enjoy and explore the magic of Puerto Viejo. Potential afternoon activities might include beach time, hiking, waterfalls, zip-lining, animal sanctuaries, cacao farm tours, and an opportunity to connect with the indigenous Bri Bri tribe. Please note that some of these activities will have an added cost not included in the retreat pricing. We encourage booking your excursions ahead of time. For more info and booking email Bridget at Bridget@lighthouse.yoga

Are you ready to remember the Wild Wisdom within you??? Let's gather as a community and fill our cups with good food, yoga, earth energy, and love. 

Retreat includes 7 nights stay at Cashew Hill and breakfast and dinner.

Space is limited. 

Reserve your spot NOW by putting down a $300 deposit. (NON-REFUNDABLE!) 

Early Bird Price- $2,444+ (Ends August 31st) 

Second Early Bird Price- $2,744 (Ends November 29th)

Full Price- $2,999+

30 HRS YACEP Living the Yoga Sutras- +$108

For pricing on zip lining, jaguar sanctuary, cacao tour, waterfall excursion, indigenous meet up, or other activities please contact Bridget. (Bridget@lighthouse.yoga

(*Flight not included)