May we always find a sliver of light when we need it most. May we support each other in shamelessly sharing our inner worlds so that no one suffers alone. And may we give each other a little bit of our own light when we have some to spare. Surely there is enough light to go around.
— Jeff Brown (From Love it Forward)


Bridget Lavin

"I love yoga because it creates freedom in my body, mind, and soul. My classes focus on expansion and awareness. My intention is that people leave feeling open, free, and whole."

  • 200 RYT- Shambhava Yoga

  • 500 RYT- Passion Yoga School/ AkhandaShakti Yoga

  • Received E-200 RYT and E-500 RYT over 8 years of teaching at studios, leading trainings, and workshops.

Bridget loves spending time in the old market on a hot summer day and could eat pizza for the rest of her life.


Ann Lavin

“I love the practice of yoga because it has proven time and time again to be an instrument of peace for me. My intention as a teacher is that my students, over time, make that same discovery. “

  • 200 RYT Kripalu School of Yoga

  • Assists with Lighthouse Yoga Teacher Training 

Ann never gets tired of sitting on her porch listening to Van Morrison…preferably with the Sunday crossword puzzle.


Allyson Wilczewski


“I love yoga because it allows me to be in the present moment and keeps me grounded. My intention is that when you leave my classes you are feeling, invigorated, centered and peaceful. To me Yoga gives me balance in my life and it gives me great pleasure to help people find their own balance.”

  • 200 RYT training- Lotus House of Yoga 2014

  • Attended multiple local trainings beyond 200 hour

  • Teaching at various studios for 5 years

 Allyson loves spending her free time traveling or just hanging out with her husband Chris, 2 teenage kids and her 2 dogs. Fun fact, she refused to move to Omaha if there were no good sushi restaurants. Lucky for us, we have awesome sushi she can enjoy everyday in Omaha! 


Cindy Jesse

“Teaching yoga has allowed me to grow as a person and as an athlete and gives me the patience and stamina to help keep up with my three busy children.  I teach basic/intermediate classes, fit classes and power classes and love meeting new faces and sharing my passion for yoga with others.”

  • 200 HR RYT Lotus House of Yoga

  • 7 Years of Experience teaching all kinds of classes


Chandel Walton

“I love yoga because it has taught me how to move my body in a loving kind way, and also moving my mind in a loving kind way as well . My intention is that you will leave my classes feeling like you can take on the world no matter what is thrown your way. To me Yoga is all about living the way of love, on and off the mat. I love teaching because I get to share this amazing practice.”

  • 200 HR RYT

  • Meditation Certificate

A book that has impacted Chandel’s life is Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson and she thinks everyone needs to know the song Green Mountain State by Trevor Hall.


Christine Kramer

 “I love yoga because it's taught me how to have a better relationship with my body, breath, and mind. My intention is that you leave my classes feeling mindfully challenged, with more awareness than you walked in with. To me yoga is a conscious way of being, a relationship to our body, thoughts, the people in our lives, and the world around us. It is a remembering of our truest nature that connects us to everyone and everything around us. I love teaching! 

  •   200 RYT Passion Yoga School 

  •   500 RYT Passion Yoga School 

  •  Certified Women's Health Coach- Integrative Women's Health Institute

  • Fertility Awareness Educator & Founder of Expanded Seed 

Christine could never pick ONE book that changed her life, but her top 3 are When Things Fall Apartby Pema Chodron, Balance Your Hormones Balance Your Lifeby Claudia Welch, Women Who Run with Wolvesby Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Her favorite thing to do in Omaha  going to different art exhibits. 


Deb Voges

“I love yoga because it is magically soothing to the sole. My intention is that you will leave my classes feeling relaxed, a little more flexible, and invested in yourself. To me Yoga is a lifestyle and a community. I love teaching Restorative and Yin to help people to feel good inside.”

  • 200HR RYT Lighthouse Yoga

Deb is currently transitioning to working from home to gain more freedom for more Yoga retreats, training and sharing!! She says she could eat Indian or seafood for the rest of her life.

Ginger Rosenthal


Jen Beal

“I love yoga because anyBODY can benefit from it. My classes focus on anatomy and alignment, but mostly what feels good in YOUR body, it’s YOUR yoga. To me, my yoga mat is a place where I can reconnect with my breath and check in with my body. I love to teach vinyasa and yin.”

  • 200 RYT Yoga Medicine

  • 500 HR In progress

  •  24 HRS Yoga Medicine, Yoga and Women’s Health

  • 60 HRS Yoga Medicine, Myofascial Release

  • 60 HRS Yoga Medicine, Spine Anatomy, Dysfunction & Application

  • Extra training and experience in Therapeutic Vinyasa and Chinese Medicine 

Jen’s three very active boys are what gets her out of bed in the morning. And if she could only eat one thing for the rest of her life it would be potatoes. In any shape or form!


JeriLyn Frisbie

Katie 1.jpg

Katie Tessin

“I love yoga because it wakes up my mind, body and spirit. Yoga has become a safe place for me to find grounding and sanity. My intention is that you will leave my class thanking YOURSELF for being so awesome. To me, yoga is a direct path to presence, which leads us closer to our authentic selves. “

  • 200 HR RYT

A goal Katie is working on is trusting her inner wisdom and loving her wonderful self unconditionally. A food she could eat the rest of my life is cheese. She says “dear delicious melty goodness, you are my main roadblock to embracing a vegan lifestyle:-)”


Kristen Payzant

“I love yoga because it helps cultivate the mind, breath, body connection. To me yoga is life changing. My intention is that people will leave my classes feeling inner peace.”

*200 RYT- Lighthouse Yoga

Kristen is a music junkie and loves spending time outdoors with her pup.


Mary Carollo

“I like to take the intimidation factor out of yoga and promote a welcoming environment. My classes seek to physically challenge and emotionally center my students. I weave music into the classes that help find the groove. My goal is that you will always leave class feeling better than when you entered. My motto: Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn.”

  • 200 RYT Lotus House of Yoga

  • 8 Years of Teaching Experience


Michaela Mast

"I love yoga because the practice centers me, opens my heart, and connects me to my inner power and wisdom. My intention is that you will leave my classes feeling vibrant and joyful in your body. To me Yoga is Awareness. I love teaching because it allows me to give back practices which I have found so helpful in my life."

  • 200 RYT- Yoga Medicine

  • 500 RYT (pursuing)- Yoga Medicine: Specializing in Yin & Meditation, Myofascial Release, and Yoga for Women's Health

Michaela never gets sick of grooving to Gooey by Glass Animals and could read Eckhart Tolle's a New Earth again and again.

Micah Ellis

“I love yoga because it can bring you into the blessings of the present . My intention is that you will leave my classes feeling energized and fueled for your inspirations and more centered and connected to your truest, highest self. To me Yoga is connecting to yourself, acknowledging yourself as you truly are, and loving yourself as you are now. I love teaching slow, intentional, empowering flows, and deeply restful yin/restorative classes.”

  • 2003-Body Flow Instructor Certification Completion (combination of yoga, Pilates and tai chi)

  • 2011-Yoga Education Institute-Certification Completion

  • 2013 -200Hr- Lotus House of Yoga

  • 2015- Usui Reiki Certification Levels I & II

Micah is currently learning Horse back riding in her free time, and could eat vegan berry pancakes with maple syrup for the rest of her life!


Susie Hiley

I love yoga’s invitation to wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is my path to living with greater intention, connection, compassion and curiosity. I sequence and lead classes with the intention of offering an opportunity to experience these same qualities of connection, curiosity, and truth of mind, body and spirit. My hope is that people leave class feeling alive and grounded in the sensation of their physical bodies with a playful curiosity regarding their patterns of thought and emotion.

  • 200RYT – Lighthouse Yoga

  • Mindful Schools Year Long Teacher Certification

Susie is observing, listening, & learning as life reveals the next step on her journey. An avid reader, Susie is passionate about learning and sharing strategies, tools and practices available to live with greater curiosity, connection, and compassion both in personal and professional relationships.

Taylor McCain

“I love yoga because it opens the mind to infinite acceptance of all things. My intention is that you will leave my classes feeling open, empowered, and loved. To me Yoga is a reset button and doorway to the soul. I love teaching mindful flows that connect your mind, body and breath while identifying and challenging your strengths.”

  •   200HR RYT - Lighthouse Yoga

  •  300HR RYT - Lotus House of Yoga (Currently Enrolled)

Taylor could listen to any song by Trevor Hall a million times and still want to hear more. Meditations from the Mathas been the most impactful book in her life. She believes almost all of life's answers remain in the pages of that book. 


Wellesley Lauren

“To me yoga is a very needed pause. My intention for each class is that you have space to take a big exhale. I love yoga because it allows me to disconnect from the ever shifting world around me while reconnecting with myself.”

  • 200 RYT - Lotus House of Yoga

  • RCYT - Lotus House of Yoga

  • Received E-RCYT after 3 years of leading children's yoga workshops, bringing yoga into local schools and outside certification/study efforts

  • Certified Mindful Schools Practitioner + Mindful Schools Educator

Waking up with the sun gets Wellesly out of bed with a smile most mornings. How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan has impacted her the most lately, but she is always looking for something new to learn!