Here we go...again.

Hello Lighthouse Light-Keepers and Light-Shiners!  


Perhaps you have noticed that our blog page has been somewhat…hmm…feeble sounds pretty harsh….so shall I say, tame? The weekly, if not daily postings we had been advised to strive toward might have been a little overzealous, as we found it difficult to meet those lofty ambitions. We did our best to find a consistency for such an undertaking, but all too often it was banished the bottom of the to do list. 


As we move in to our third year, it has been suggested that it might be time to reconsider and resurrect the initial blog intent, but maybe take it down a notch. A monthly post sounds do-able, and a quarterly post seems absolutely, positively attainable. So let’s do this!  


In an effort to ease the burden from Bridget being the sole blogger, you can expect to see posts from a few others in the Lighthouse community. I am honored to have first dibs. Give me a minute, and I'll figure out how to post it (insert snarky picture of me...I'll figure that out in due time also).